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Jewbonics et les "islamistes"

Jewbonics m'a l'air d'un bon blog, d'un étudiant à Cornell.

Extrait d'un billet dénonçant le soutien américano-israélien aux "islamistes" :


But the most important thing is that the mumbling, kvetching, and pseudo-Islamophobic ramblings we read in main­stream news sources about “Islamists” is pro­pa­ganda.

The US and Israel are quite happy to work with “Islamists” when it suits their agenda and when those “Islamists” are tame and can be coaxed into effective nor­mal­iza­tion with Israel and espe­cially when they support neolib­eral economic policies.

Prefer­ably both. “Islamism” tells us nothing in par­tic­u­lar about the ori­en­ta­tion of political factions, and bashing Israeli or American Ori­en­tal­ism vis-à-vis “Islamist” political parties and movements when both states con­stantly make deals with “Islamists” provides them cover while obscuring the under­ly­ing political economy and strategy of their alliance system in the region.

The Egyptian Muslim Broth­er­hood is bought and paid for, cynically deploying support for Palestine as they did several weeks ago only to in turn provide cover for their own fun­da­men­tally bourgeois agenda.


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